• Ateeya Manzoor

Fundraising for Charities

It is quite obvious that in order to help the underprivileged people the charity organizations need to be financially strong. Otherwise, the members will find it difficult to give them the financial support. This is why; if you are planning to set up such an institute you need to know some of the effective strategies regarding fund raising for the philanthropic activities.

There are usually a number of ways, which you can adopt for collecting money from market. Among them some of the most popular ways enlisted by Ateeya Manzoor are as follows:

Street Fund Raising

You can appoint some people, who will stand at different locations and through their conversation will let the people know about your organizational activities. If these people are convinced you will see that they are contributing money at their own will. Since it is a part of charity fund raising campaign, do not force anyone to contribute. If they think that they should get involved with such a good work then only take money from them.

Sponsorship from Corporate Organizations

Getting corporate sponsorship is indeed one of the best ways to accumulate money. Nowadays, there are several reputed business institutes that prefer to be a part of such charitable work. So, get in touch with those companies and ask for donation.


Usually, people donate items to auctions and the money acquired from those staff is donated to the charity organizations. In recent times, there are also a number of online auction websites, from where the general people bid on items.

Organizing Cultural and Sports Events

Sometimes, such events are organized in order to raise funds for charity work. In such type of shows, well-known people perform and participate. This is why; people purchase tickets and the money they spend for buying their entry fees are donated to the charity fund.

About Ateeya:

Ateeya Manzoor is a management consultant, advisor to boards and visionaries, litigation strategist, risk manager and executive mentor.

She has extensive experience in clean and green tech, engineering, mining, professional services, hospitality, property development, oil and gas and mental health. Ateeya's core gift is to convert and fully realize potential. She has a unique ability to see potential and possibilities. Her talent is to anchor in businesses requiring structure or a fresh perspective. Clients value her vision and unrelenting commitment to delivering tangible results.

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