• Ateeya Manzoor

Les Moonves, Stephen Colbert and Accountability

I was incredibly impressed by Colbert’s monolgue addressing the allegations against CBS Chief Les Moonves.

Accountability is meaningless unless it is for everybody. It can not be reserved for only those we disagree with.

Brothers, know that accountability can look like different things to different women and to honor that. This is the result of years in pain from being silenced. We need you to hold space for us while we work this out, as uncomfortable and confronting as it may be. Ask us what we need. We will share.

Sisters, I know your pain. Remember that while there are the demons that legitimately deserve to be demonized, there are plenty of good men who are out there who are well intentioned and confused, trying to figure out what to do. While these issues are not for us to fix, we have an opportunity to use our feminine wisdom and intuition to guide them. Let’s use it.

There is plenty of room between accountability and spaciousness for us to figure this out and to get to the other side of this; arising together.

Arise together. For we can not to this without the other.

Much love and blessings.

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