• Ateeya Manzoor

The Real Work is in the Heart. 💗

I often get asked why Sufism is such an important part of my life or if the current iteration of the its parent, Islam, and I resonate. The answer is: depends.

At its core, Sufism is a means to access your heart and to dissolve the ego layers within you that prevent you from embodying your true nature and natural gifts and abilities.

Once tapped in, you have a direct channel and access to true, pure, unadulterated, Divine Love, free of distortion.

What does that love look like?

  • I love you not because of what you can do for me or who you are, but:

  • I love you because I am love, we are one and we are reflections of each other.

  • I love you regardless of what you do, because love is unlimited and not quantifiable.

  • That may not mean that I choose to have you in my life, but that is an exercise in my free will choice and not a reflection of a limitation of love, because it is how I choose to love myself.

  • Love is the means through which I recognize the divinity within you and how it reflects the divinity within me.

  • Love is the guiding force, and devotion and practice is free of dogma, doctrine or pageantry, but is in every moment, breath, thought and action.

  • Love is the juice Sufis live on, that guides us in our purpose on the planet, how to treat others and how we see the world. And when we fall or make mistakes, it’s the place we go back home to.

What does this have to do with Islam? To be fair, it really is it’s own thing, and captures the essence of Divine Love and faith. Anyone can adopt this for themselves. It’s just a guide to be a better human and compliments most faiths.

Take what you’d like from this, and leave behind that which doesn’t resonate.

Hope this lifts you. We rise by lifting each other, beloveds. ❤


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